Sometimes the most efficient way to work on healing and growth is within the dynamic of group therapy.  – but group counseling offer benefits that individual therapy may not provide in certain cases.

Group counseling is different than self-help and support groups, because it’s lead by one or two trained counselors, that not only facilitate the process of growth but also helps each member of the group to process deeper issues. Some people may find intimidating to open up about their problems to a group of strangers at first, but as trust levels grow, members often find extremely freeing and empowering to share their challenges in the process of group counseling.

Confidentiality is a very important of the basic structure of group counseling. But obviously privacy cannot be completely guaranteed when sharing with others in a group counseling setting. Overtime, you will find out that trust can slowly grow within a group of people that decide to share their personal story. And people that  started of as strangers may become cherished sources trust and support for each other.

Group Counseling is about opening up to share the path of growth. As researcher Brenee Brown says, we are all imperfect and scared to show our vulnerabilities, and that does not change the fact that we also are, each and all of us, worthy of love and belonging.

If you are interested in joining a therapy group or have any questions on how we conduct group therapy at AIC, please feel free to contact us.