therapist with folded hands and pen listening to a client talk


Information regarding fees vary by therapist and the type of therapy service.  You should discuss this with your therapist directly.  

Some counselors at Counselor Cooperative do not accept insurance.  Discuss this with your therapist when scheduling an appointment.  

Our counselors receipts may be used as qualified medical expenses for tax purposes. They accept cards linked to medical savings accounts, as well as checks, cash and credit cards.


If you cannot afford the regular fees, you may still be able to see our therapists.  They offer a limited number of spots, available at a negotiable rate, following a SLIDING SCALE.  Our sliding scale is based on income, and it is available for your convenience on the button bellow.  If those options do not work for you, you can see one of the interns from our practice, at a lower rate.

The interns are supervised by Roberta Sheffield.