I came across this nicely made, very simple, poster from Yes! magazine, that gives an overview of the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy. The Gottman Method is the theory that informs the structure of my work with couples.

It always puts a smile on my face when I come across simple explanations for seemingly complicated things.

The principles of this theory are simple, but practicing them on our everyday life takes intention. If there is something we all should know by now is that a good marriage – fulfilling, connected, satisfying – is merely a reflection of our interactions with our partners in every day life.

How is your marriage doing? Would you say that both, you and your partner, feel connected, fulfilled and satisfied with your relationship?

Think that if your relationship is not on the right track, leaving it alone will just lead it further into the wrong path.

Here is the link for the poster, I hope you enjoy it!